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Wifi Information
Roomba 900 Wi-Fi Setup Process

Use the following information to go through the Wi-Fi setup process.

  1. Download the iRobot HOME App onto your mobile device.

    •  iOS: Compatible with Operating Systems 8 and higher.

    •  Android: Compatible with Operating Systems 4.3 and higher.

  2. Place the Home Base in an area with no obstacles and a good Wi-Fi coverage, and then connect it to power.

  1. Remove the yellow battery pull tab and the yellow bin insert.

  2. Place Roomba on the Home Base and ensure it is powered on.

Connecting Roomba to the iRobot HOME App

Step 1 - Confirm Network

The app will display the name of the Wi-Fi network that the mobile device is currently connected to. To set up Roomba on a different network, exit the iRobot HOME App and join the desired network from the mobile device's Wi-Fi list.

Step 2 - Enter Password

The Wi-Fi network password needs to be entered at this time. If no password is required, the field can be left blank.

Step 3 - Activate Roomba

This step will allow Roomba to generate its own Wi-Fi network. To activate Roomba, press and hold the DOCK and  SPOT buttons simultaneously for 2 seconds. Roomba will generate a tone and flash a green  Wi-Fi signal icon.

Step 4 - Connect (mobile device) to Roomba

  •  iOS: Exit the App by pressing the  Home button on your mobile device. Navigate through Settings ➔ Wi-Fi and select the Wi-Fi network name that has “Roomba” listed.

  •  Android: This step is not required, the mobile device joins the Roomba network automatically. There is a prompt at the bottom of the page in case this step does not happen automatically.


Step 5 - Network Setup

The network password and other information are sent to Roomba during this time, and Roomba attempts to join the customer's home network. Check for Wi-Fi Setup Requirements.

Personalize Roomba

This serves as registration information once setup is complete. Name the robot, select a language and provide an email and postal code. The user agreement is required and opt-out of iRobot offers and announcements is available. The robot's birthday is not editable.