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Roomba 966 The Wi Fi Enabled Vacuum Cleaning Robot

Roomba 966 – The Wi-Fi Enabled Vacuum Cleaning Robot

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Posted: 26/04/2017

Updated: 09/09/2019

We have reduced the workload of many with our already existing range of vacuum bots. Now, the monotonous task of cleaning is made even easier with the new wi-fi connected robot vacuum – Roomba 966, the latest addition to our high end, 900 series of robotic vacuum cleaners.

What can the Roomba 966 do for you?

For starters, Roomba 966 is part of the ever growing ‘Internet of Things’ family, i.e. it is internet-connected and app-controlled.This essentially means that you can control, monitor and schedule the robot to clean,through the irobot HOME app in your mobile phone.Cleaning has never been this hi-tech, yet so incredibly easy! 

The Roomba 966 comes with most of the advanced features of its high end cousin Roomba 980, viz. multi room navigation, automatic recharge and resume to clean an entire level of your home, optical and acoustic sensors to detect high concentrations of dirt and vSLAM technology that allows Roomba to build a map of its environment as it cleans,using a camera mounted on it, to keep track of where it has been and where it needs to go.

Here’s a deeper look in to some of Roomba 966’s amazing features:


  • Using iAdapt® 2.0 Navigation with Visual Localization, Roomba 966 can navigate an entire level of your home and keep track of where it’s been. 
  • It can run continuously for up to 75 mins*, then automatically recharge and resume cleaning, to complete the job.
  • A full suite of sensors enables Roomba 966 to adapt to and clean around real world clutter and furniture. A must in homes with kids! It can also navigate multiple roomsusing a high-efficiency cleaning pattern.
  • It can detect high concentrations of dirt, dust and pet hair, thanks to its optical and acoustic sensors, and then perform focused cleaning where it's needed most.
  • It's sleek and low profile design allows it to clean under most furniture, so dirt has no place to hide.
  • The robot has in built cliff detection sensors that prevent it from falling down stairs.


  • The iRobot HOME applets you schedule Roomba to clean at a convenient time, anytime from anywhere. The newly added feature,Clean Map™ reports, lets you look at where all Roomba 966 has cleaned along with details like coverage and time taken to complete jobs.The app also provides support on the go with access to tips, tricks, and support in the palm of your hand!
  • Brushless extractors in Roomba 966, prevent hair and other debris from getting entangled in, and jamming the gadget. The robot requires very little maintenance on your part.
  • You can preset Roomba to vacuum on a scheduled time every day for seven days at a stretch. 
  • The iRobot HOME app lets you view the bin level, so that you can empty it when it gets full. The Roomba 966 has a bin level indicator on it too.
  • Roomba® can clean all floor types, be it hardwood, tiles, laminate or carpet and automatically adjusts itself to clean, as it moves through your home.
  • And like all other Roombas, Roomba 966 automatically returns to its home base to recharge, and resumes cleaning to complete the job.


  • Roomba 966, despite its round shape, can easily get to dirt and debris along wall edges, thanks to its spinning side brush. The brush pushes the dirt in to its path and Roomba’s patented 3-stage cleaning system gets rid of it. 
  • With the Gen 2 motor, Roomba 966 has up to 5x the air powercompared to older models.
  • AeroForce® High-Efficiency Filter in Roomba 966 captures99% of allergens, pollen, and othe r debris by trapping particles as small as 10 microns.

Still need convincing that Roomba 966 is the answer to all your floor cleaning problems? We guess not! You can learn more about our floor cleaning Robots Roomba and Braava, on our website.