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If you want the vacuum to be done automatic, iRobot is the best solution you have!

The basic idea of buying the iRobot robotic vacuum cleaner is keep the home dust free & this is what iRobot does for us. Especially in India we have lot of dust and when you swipe them, they move up in the air and settle down after a while. So this is as good as just 50% cleaning. iRobot Roomba takes care of that. We believe in vacuuming the floor because we want the floor dust free. And the best option we have is iRobot vacuum cleaner.

Mr Dhananjay - Bangalore

It’s made our living so easy and CLEAN !!

We were skeptical to make the purchase intially, thinking whether it would suit our living/ surroundings or not. But once we saw the demo, we made up our mind and knew this is something we want being the cleanliness freaks that we are. It’s so easy to use and OMG this keeps our floors so so clean that even our maid feels it’s magic !! We are proud to own the Roomba 866 and strongly recommend every home to have one since not only is it efficient and smart but with time it becomes like a part of your family you can’t live without !

Ayesha Khan and Riaz Basha - Bangalore

Karuna Kini  Bangalore

Roomba 980 is a magnificent Robot !!

The Roomba 980 is truly a fabulous addition to our home! A magnificent robot which cleans our home like it's never been cleaned before. Will recommend it to anyone who needs household help without tears!

Karuna Kini - Bangalore

It's Wonderful on Wooden as well as Marble flooring !!

I had purchased Roomba 980 in May 2016. I am extremely happy with the Robot.. It's wonderful on wooden flooring as well on the marble flooring.. Thanks a lot iRobot... !

Shweta Kulkarni - Pune

"Trust me I have done all the research before I decided to choose the iRobot”

"I am a proud owner of both the Roomba 980 and Brava 390T. Trust me I have done all my research before I decided to choose the iRobot as my machine. It is the best available in India. Roomba 980 is really cool and self sufficient. You just have to connect to the base and plug it to the power.. that's it. You can schedule the cleaning for all 7 days, you can switch on, switch off and do many more things just using your Mobile App. You can control it from anywhere in the world even if no one is there at home. It navigates from room-to-room, if the charge goes down it comes back to the base by its own and resumes where it stopped after charging up. Also it is almost maintenance free.. emptying the bin is very easy. It cleans my entire 2000 sqft 4BHK apartment effortlessly without any human intervention. Overall it is an intelligent machine one should have at home. He is doing a wonderful job along with his little sister Brava.."

Ashique CT - Chennai

"Roomba 980, a robotic vacuum cleaner which has come from the future"

Roomba 980, is our "Ramu Kaka" for the whole family. This Roomba 980, is a robotic vacuum cleaner which has come from the future to clean our house. Very convenient... an amazing machine with very high air power and has many features. Its app control feature is awesome and it enables us to plan cleaning of our house for the whole week and we can fire it’s big "clean button” from very far too. The best thing that ever happened to us. Cleaning is no longer messy.

V.P.Kulshrestha and Pratima Kulshrestha - Bhopal

I have the Roomba 980 which is just perfect !

I am extremely happy and satisfied with my purchase of the Roomba 980 model... My house has wooden flooring on which wet mop is not preferred. I was looking for some cleaning equipment which would do the cleaning perfectly but at the same time would not wet it... And finally, I have the Roomba 980 which is just perfect... It cleans each and every corner of the room, leaving the room without any dust, hair or any other fine particles. I haven't used a wet mop from past 5 months and the house is still clean without any dust... Thanks to my Daughter who told me to buy this Robot... And thanks to iRobot as well for making such a wonderful Robot available in India.

Mrs. Vidya N Gandhi - Pune

Roomba 980 is a Family Member

When we moved to a world class flat on 30 th floor in Mangalore in early April 16, everyone was asking us only one question-How will you maintain a large 5500 sft carpet area flat clean? I had seen Roomba in operation in the USA in my cousin’s house. I had made up my mind to buy one. I was planning to bring one from USA. Then I found them at Bangalore! It was unbelievable! Roomba-980 was getting launched almost simultaneously in India and the USA. I placed the order immediately in April 16 last week and it was delivered within 3-4 days. While the first unit had issues of recognition of virtual wall, it was attended to by the technicians at Bangalore. Service was not only excellent but also very prompt. Ever since then, Roomba-980 is a family member. In fact, my wife fondly calls it a baby. We have named it as Priyachandra (50% each of my name and my spouse’s name).We have programmed it through IPad to wake up at 7 am four days in a week. It does a wonderful job cleaning this large home meticulously. Invariably, Roomba requires two recharges to completely clean the whole house on a particular day. Thanks to Roomba’s powerful suction, the entire house is clean always. When my extended family visits now, they are surprised at the cleanliness of the floor. They keep telling it is as good as new! I am really happy that I bought one. I am now looking to buy a wet floor cleaner for our three large Balconies!

Chandrakantha Rao Inna - Mangalore

Proud Owner of Roomba

"My Wife is a CLEAN (Tech) Savvy person. She spotted this iRobot Showroom in Phoenix Mall and pulled my purse to pay the advance to buy one. They delivered the Roomba 980 at my place the following week, and it all started. We are frequent travelers and our palatial house in Hosur has an open-to-sky court yard, which always welcomes a lot of dust. When ever we enter our home after a trip, we need to literally fly on the floor till its cleaned by our maid, to avoid the dust spreading on our carpets. Then came the Roomba 980, which we can also control with the Mobile app and has now made us enter our home very happily without any tension of dust. We also carry the Roomba to our small Guest house in Chennai sometimes, and first let it clean our home before we enter, until which we go for a ride to the city till its cleaned and we get back. Now I am a Happy Husband walking on clean floors. No more tension for my wife and she is a proud owner of Roomba".

Meenakshi Lakshmanan - Chennai

I am glad I made the investment in a Roomba 980 !

I bought iRobot Roomba 980 in April 2016. I have been very happy the way it vacuums my flat. In my opinion no human can clean the place as good as Roomba 980. It has a mobile application that can be downloaded on smartphone and through this application you can schedule the cleaning without having to manually start the cleaner. The mobile application also has all the cleaning instructions with videos to help you clean the robot. The cleaning of the robot doesn't take more than 15 minutes. The robot is Wi-Fi enabled and you can start and stop cleaning jobs even if you are not home. I am glad I made the investment.

Ram Nori - Pune

Roomba 866 is almost like a member at home.

Roomba 866 is almost like a member at home. It gives us freedom from daily cleaning, especially with a toddler at home, who dirties the house before you can blink your eye! We have received compliments from our relatives on how clean our floor is- spotless and shiny like clear glass! I don't ask the household help to sweep anymore, as no one can clean as well as Roomba 866. I wish I had bought this long back. Waiting for Bravaa jet's launch in India.

Chitra Sharma - Hyderabad

Your home & floors will thank you !!

We were very happy to know Roomba was being introduced in the Indian market. We are a working couple so a proper home cleanup happens sporadically or on weekends. Our schedule doesn't permit us to work around a maid's working hours. So Roomba was the logical choice for our vacuuming needs. The first time we ran this little gadget we were pleasantly surprised. The amount of dust it picked up was beyond what we had imagined. No handheld vacuum or broom could match this cleaning. Best of all, Roomba has got a life of its own & we just leave it do it's job. Once out of charge, it neatly docks itself for recharging. With Roomba being used everyday, the pesky dust allergies have subsided to almost zero occurrences. We are using it for more than 6 months now with no trouble. We even gave our Roomba a name - pluto.

Dilip & Chinmayee Jadhav - Bengaluru

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