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iRobot® Roomba® j7+

Wifi Connected Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum

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Get ready for the vacuum robot that does the work for you. The Roomba® j7+ robot vacuum offers 10 times the suction power* and is intelligent enough to avoid cables and pet waste. The robot can even work out what times you're home and what times of the year more cleaning might be needed. Forget vacuuming for several months thanks to the Clean Base® external dust container which allows the robotic vacuum cleaner Roomba® j7 + to empty itself for up to 60 days.

What makes the Roomba j7+ different?

› Avoids pet accidents
› Identifies obstacles, avoids hazards
› Cleans targeted mess
› Learns and maps
› 10x Power-Lifting Suction*
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Using Imprint® Link Technology, Braava Jet m6 and Roomba j7+ are interlinked to give you complete floor care. Automatically mops after vacuuming.
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  • Identifies obstacles and avoids hazards

    Roomba j7+ doesn’t just learn your home, it reacts to it in real time with PrecisionVision Navigation, giving the robot the ability to identify and avoid common obstacles,
    such as cords and pet waste.

    PrecisionVision Navigation will also get smarter over time, allowing the Roomba j7+ to identify an even greater number of obstacles and unlock new cleaning experiences.

    Keeps you in the loop, follows your instruction

    When the Roomba j7+ identifies a hazard or obstacle it will send a photo to the iRobot Home App at the end of a cleaning job,where users can provide feedback in the App on how the Roomba j7+ should handle such obstacles in the future.

    This helps keep users in the loop and aware of any clutter or hazards, like pet waste, in the home. It also helps ensure that the robot will successfully complete the job. 

    There’s smart, then there’s Genius

    › The Roomba j7+ with iRobot Genius Home Intelligence delivers greater levels of personalization, new home automations and the ability to get smarter over time – giving users a more intuitive cleaning experience and more time back in their day.

    › The Roomba j7+ learns how you like to clean and automatically gives you personalized suggestions, even factoring in times when your home may need more frequent cleaning - like pet-shedding or allergy seasons.

    › Since the Roomba j7+ remembers the specific rooms and times you like to clean, it can suggest personalized cleaning schedules, like in the kitchen after breakfast.

    Designed to be in a class of its own

    The Roomba j7+ offers the full iRobot robot vacuum cleaning experience with cutting edge, patented technology that sets Roomba apart from the competition, including: 

    › A 3-Stage Cleaning System with Dual Multi-Surface Rubber Brushes to tackle dust, dirt, and pet hair on a variety of floor types; an Edge-Sweeping Brush for walls and corners; and 10x the Power-Lifting Suction2 that pulls in stubborn dirt and messes.

    › Patented Dirt Detect™ technology to focus on the especially dirty spots in the home

    Dream Team: Roomba® vacuums, then Braava jet® mops

    Using Imprint Link Technology, the Roomba j7+ coordinates with the Braava jet m6 robot mop to deliver an extra level of clean by automatically vacuuming and then mopping, without any effort from the user.
    Users can initiate a linked clean in the iRobot Home App, where they have the option to choose specific rooms for the robots to clean or an entire level of their home. The Roomba j7+ will go out and vacuum the selected area. Once the Roomba robot docks, the Braava jet m6 robot will leave its dock and begin mopping.

    Automatic emptying, months at a time

    You don’t have to touch dust and dirt for months because the Roomba j7+ automatically empties into the base with an enclosed bag that doesn’t need to be replaced for up to 60 days – 2x as long as other brands claim. The bag traps dirt and debris for easy disposal without a dust cloud.

    The Roomba j7+ is designed to keep dirt and debris contained from the robot’s dustbin through to the Clean Base Dirt Disposal bag – catching particles as small as .7 microns to prevent the release of dirty air back into the home.

    The Roomba j7+ automatically empties and recharges as needed and continues cleaning until the job is done
    • What’s in the box:

      1 Roomba® j7 Robot Vacuum
      Clean Base® Automatic Dirt Disposal 
      1 North American Line Cord
      2 AllergenLock™ Bags
      1 Extra Filter
      1 Extra Edge-Sweeping Brush


      Noise level: 60-65 dB
      Manufacturer: iRobot
      Type: vacuum robot
      Application: All floors
      Suction power: 10x stronger (compared to the 600 series)
      Running Time: Charging & Continues
      Fall Protection: Yes
      App connection: Yes
      Imprint™ coupling technology: Yes
      Navigation: PrecisionVision navigation
      Dirt sensors: Acoustic and optical sensors
      scheduling: Yes
      Room-to-room cleaning: Yes
      Battery capacity: 2210 mAh Li-Ion
      Dust container: washable
      Filter type: high performance filter
      Weight: 3.38kg
      Dimensions: H 33.5 cm D 33.9 cm
      Warranty: 2 years 

      The iRobot limited warranty shall not apply to failures or problems which are caused by products or equipment not authorized by iRobot Corporation.

      Robot products purchased in India are intended for use in India only. The limited warranty are void if products are used outside India.
    • Q. What is the benefit of having the Clean Base® Automatic Dirt Disposal?

      A. The Clean Base® Automatic Dirt Disposal eliminates the dusty and dirty mess often associated with emptying vacuum bins. This system’s Dirt Disposal bags hold 60 days of dirt and debris.

      Q. Will it detect and avoid pet waste?

      A: Yes, the Roomba® j7/j7+ robot vacuum uses PrecisionVision Navigation to recognise objects and avoid obstacles like charging cables and pet waste.

      Q. What is Imprint® Smart Mapping?

      A: Imprint® Smart Mapping technology describes the robot’s ability to learn, map and adapt to your home. It learns your floorplan as it cleans and remembers this map for future cleaning jobs. This enables the robot to determine the best way to clean based on the orientation of each room, furniture placement etc. Once the robot has learnt your space and you have labelled your rooms, set up clean zoom. Your Smart Map also enables you to direct your robot to clean specific areas, specific room(s) or an entire level of your home all from the iRobot Home App.

      Q. Does it work with voice assistants?

      A: Yes, it works with voice assistants, like Alexa or Google voice assistant. You can use them to start cleaning, clean specific area(s), room(s) etc.