iRobot Roomba® - Robotic Vacuum Cleaners India

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Your perfect robotic vacuum cleaning partner for a cleaner home, helping you stay ahead of daily dust and dirt by vacuuming every day. Its full suite of sensors and low profile design enable iRobot Roomba to seamlessly navigate under furniture and around clutter to clean any room of your home.

I Love My Roomba 980
"Bought this for my mum who is elderly as her hover is quite heavy she just loves it as it's so easy to use (just press button) and easy to empty also cleans well this easily goes under all the beds! Great battery and quick charging. Great purchase. Doing the job it's designed for."
Dilip Jadhav - Bengaluru
Best Price on Roomba 606
"It is low enough to can clean under beds and settees and make a really good job of it. We use it twice a week and it leaves the place spotless. Ease of use and self-navigation. Leaving for work, pressing Roomba button & coming home to freshly vacuumed carpet!"
Karuna Kini - New Delhi
Good to have one at home
"Bought this for my mum. I already have one. They are a part of our family. Beetles around the house all on its own. Only had for a week but so far so is working perfectly and making cleaning the floors very straightforward. Also quite good for entertaining bored children."
Chitra Sharma - Hyderabad