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  • What are Keep-Out Zones?

    Keep-Out Zones allow you to designate areas in your home you don’t want your robot to go. Keep-Out Zones can be added in the iRobot® HOME App by adding rectangular zones to your Imprint™ Smart Map. This feature is ideal for keeping your robot away from pet bowls, clutter, or other areas where your robot has difficulty navigating. Regardless of how you like to clean, your robot will remember your Keep-Out Zones. Your Keep-Out Zones remain in place whether you start your robot from your phone, voice assistant or CLEAN button on your rob

    How do I Create Keep-Out Zones on my Imprint™ Smart Mapping

    Keep-Out Zones can be added to any Imprint™ Smart Map once it has reached 100% learning. You can add Keep-Out Zones during your initial map customization, or any time after you’ve customized your map. To create a Keep-Out Zone, open your Imprint™ Smart Map and click on the Keep-Out Zone icon at the bottom of the screen. View map. Click on the Keep-Out Zone icon. Drag the Keep-Out Zone rectangle to where you would like the robot to avoid. Click "Place".