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iRobot HOME app

Auther Name: iRobot

Category: Roomba

Posted: 28/09/2017

Updated: 09/09/2019

Now control floor cleaning robots Roomba and Braava jet through your phone!

With the iRobot HOME App, the power of vacuuming is literally at your fingertips! The 900 series Roomba vacuuming robots and the new Braava jet mopping robot, come wi-fi and bluetooth enabled respectively, and can be controlled through the app i.e. you can now connect to clean from anywhere. 

While the iRobot HOME app is not a prerequisite for the robots to clean and perform their usual functions, it is definitely a must have convenience owing to the many smart and exclusive features it offers. To start with, use the iRobot HOME App to set up, configure and register your Roomba 900 series and Braava jet robots. The App lets you clean and schedule conveniently, wherever you may be, and it also allows you to choose cleaning preferences and see the status of cleaning jobs. You also get access to exclusive features, support and automatic updates for your bots.  Here’s what all you can use the iRobot HOME app for:

For Roomba

Connect to your Roomba through the home Wi-Fi network and perform the following tasks:

  • Schedule, start, pause or cancel the cleaning cycles from anywhere, anytime.
  • Customize cleaning preferences. For instance Carpet boost, Edge cleaning and Cleaning pass are features that can be activated only through the app.
  • Monitor the cleaning activity of your bot from any part of the world.
  • Get access to setup instructions.
  • Get automatic software updates for your bot.
  • Monitor the status of the robot care. The care screen will show you the status of the bin, core robot, and extractors, and  will also show you how to perform respective care procedures.
  • Get real-time notifications with ‘push-notifications’ activated.
  • View Clean Map Reports, to see where all your Roomba cleaned. You can also view cleaning coverage, and areas of concentrated dirt where Roomba applied focused cleaning, in the history screen. Statistics such as area cleaned, duration of cleaning, and charging time for completed jobs, can also be viewed.


For Braava jet:

Unlike Roomba which gets connected to the app via Wi-Fi, Braava jet gets connected to the app via Bluetooth. Perform the following tasks for Braava jet with the app:

  • Start and stop your Braava jet with just a touch on the clean button in the app.
  • The spot clean feature lets you instruct Braava jet to deep clean a small area, quickly.
  • Get automatic software updates for your bot with the app.
  • Customize Braava jet settings to suit your home.
  • Register for latest updates on Braava jet features and offers..
  • Access quick links in the app for placing order for cleaning pads.
  • View in-depth details about the recent mopping history.

Push Notifications:

After installing the iRobot HOME App, you will be prompted to receive push notifications; make sure you accept the same. When enabled, you will receive notifications whenever your robot completes a cleaning job or in case it encounters a snag while cleaning. For push notifications to work, the Wi-Fi connected Roomba should run on software version 2.0 or greater.

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