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Virtual Wall Halo Kit - Pack of 2
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A Virtual Wall® creates an invisible barrier that Roomba won't cross. That makes it easy to confine Roomba to a particular room or area, and prevent it from getting too close to anything delicate or dangerous.

You can set a Virtual Wall to block openings of up to approximately 7 ft (2 m). It creates a cone-shaped barrier, so the beam gradually gets wider. The Virtual Wall can also create a halo of protection around itself, preventing Roomba from getting too close.

Auto Virtual Wall

  • When an Auto Virtual Wall is set to “auto” mode, the power indicator blinks continuously approximately every 8 seconds to indicate it is activated. When battery levels are low, the Virtual Wall continuously blinks twice to indicate that it needs new batteries. When in “auto” mode, the batteries should last for around six months. To save on batteries, deactivate it by switching to “off.”

Manual Virtual Wall

  • Activate a manual Virtual Wall by hand at the beginning of the cleaning cycle. It will shut off after 135 minutes. If the power indicator blinks green, it means you'll need new batteries soon.

Battery Requirements

  • Manual Virtual Walls, Auto Virtual Walls, and VWLH require 2 “C” Alkaline batteries. Please visit battery installation for help with replacing the battery.
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